Waking up
early in the morning
to birds singing softly
Sunshine through the shades
lighting your room
Racing to start the day
– – A gentle walk awaits
with your last audible pause

Staying up late
feeling free
letting go
Hearing the still chirps
of night bugs
Sipping a glass
of warm milk
– – A cold night with heavy sheets

Connecting with God
Making a sincere prayer – in solitude

Dancing to your favorite song
in an empty space


Whatever Happens.

Because I deserved it, the smooth and the rough times.

Because everyone was waiting for this moment

Because the waiting is over.


Because I wanted to be on top of the world.

Because I believed: Listen to your heart.

Because I thought my mind was overcharged.

Because I ignored the warnings

Because I chose to be stubborn

I fell.

Because it was a beautiful fall

Because I loved it – And hated it.

Because it will always be remembered


Because of the missing faces

Because of the nervous heart

Because of the final show


Because they are finally here

Because I was over the moon

Because I deserved it.


Night Whisperer

She was yet a little girl
You could see the moon shine
Through her wandering eyes
As she infinitely gazed at the sky

Her memories safely hidden in a pearl
along with her melodies as they define
what she once was before all the lies
with nothing left to do but deny

In her head, picturing an endless swirl
the whispers promised she’ll be fine
she then looked forward to a fresh sunrise
steadily escaping the nightly twinkles nearby


Haunting Truth

As the days went by
She became more attached to you
Her heart skipped a beat
everytime she heard your steps
walking carelessly towards her
she never realized how deep
her feelings have grown

she started to catch herself
sitting alone thinking about you
wishing she could lean on you, once again
she’s become addicted
it was painfully beautiful
she knew she had to take a step back
but she was haunted by you
your shadow kept pulling her in

the truth was and still is …
she could never escape from you
because you were her light
the home she’s always dreamed of
but it was over and she was stuck
yet, your place in her heart



Nothing is Impossible if You Believe

Since I am feeling a bit inspired I thought I would share some things that might motivate and inspire you as well!

A dear friend of mine gifted me with a bracelet a while ago, but I have recently discovered how precious her gift to me was. Engraved on it was a great saying; “NOTHING is impossible” from the front and “IF you BELIEVE!” from the back. Wearing this special bracelet and thinking of these words inspired me to work harder. These words remind you that you truly are capable of anything as long as you believe you are.

Put something in your head today or this week that you never thought you could do, challenge yourself. Trust me, you will be surprised with results, I was. You can start with something small just to test it, it doesn’t have to be huge but it better be realistic.

In addtion, there is this other thing that’s been pushing me to be on time lately which I advise you to try. You probably heard about it before, changing your clocks. Move all your clocks and watches one hour forward. You don’t have to change all the ones in the house, I’ve settled with changing the ones in my room only (including my electronic devices). I found this trick useful as it gives me the illusion of having one extra hour to work or do something that needs to be done. If you have a due date at 7 a.m., for instance, you will work on your task keeping in mind you need to submit it by 7 a.m. on your time. If things do not go as planned (which might be the case many times)… guess what?! You still have one more hour to work on it.

Also, each time you look at the time and realize its ahead, you just feel relief that it isn’t as late as you thought it was. Some may find this technique weird or unnecessary but you’ve got nothing to lose if you try it… one day maybe? If I liked it then maybe you will. Or if you think one hour ahead is too much, you can just change your time 15 minutes forward to improve your early/ on time habits.

One Last thing, I strongly encourage you to check out these incredible links, I personally found them enlightening;

YouTube channel for inspiring motivational videos (lessons to learn from movies)


The Shift Movie (Short & amusing video)


Inspiration: Fear – A life changing playlist put together by my sister


… And remember “Your future is created by what you do today“. Ramadan Mubarak 🙂

Starting the Journey

Hello everyone!

I would like to begin with inroducing my blog ideas. First, you should know that I have always enjoyed writing although I might not be the best at it but I believe with practice I will impress which is why I thought it was about time I started a serious blog. I have made blogs in the past but I never committed to one, maybe I was not confident enough. People around me always thought that I need to write more and start publishing. Probably because I tell them how much I day dream and make up stories in my head. I think it’s definitly time to put my thoughts into paper. Expressing myself on paper helps me a lot especially since I find it hard to do so infront of people or talk about my feelings.

Okay, enough about me! Let’s talk blog. I plan to post about some of my writings (poems, short stories or random moments/ thoughts), also, some interests of mine such as; knitting, books and novels, horses, cooking/ baking and generally anything that I think is worth sharing. This will be an experiment of mine that I truly hope works out!

If such topics interest you then welcome aboard! Glad to have you 😀